The Nonna Series
The Nonna Series
The Nonna Series

The Nonna Series

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Inspired by Nonna.
Made for you.
Whether it's your Nonna, Grandma, Poh Poh, Yiayia, Oma, Abuela or Nanna that taught you the ropes in the kitchen, this apron is reminiscent of those times, but modernized and made for you.
The Nonna series apron is a traditional style apron made from durable nonna-inspired printed cotton canvas.  Designed with an adjustable neck strap and our signature toolkit chest pocket, keeping all your tools right at your fingertips

  • durable printed cotton canvas
  • toolkit chest pocket with one large pocket and 3 small pockets for your sharpie, tweezers and thermometer
  • adjustable contrast neck strap

How to measure:

It is important to take your measurements correctly.

When taking measurements, the measuring tape should be snug but not tight.  Don't worry about allowing room for ease of movement, our designs and fit have already taken that into account.  Your uniform should be comfortable and provide freedom of movement to do your job without thinking of your uniform.  We focus on our craft so you can focus on yours.